The Pinnacle of Pour-Over Evolution

Our ceramic filter employs technology that largely removes bitterness,
rounds off all the rough edges, and allows the natural sweetness of the bean
or the leaf to step forward into the spotlight, for an all-new pour over experience.

The resulting beverage is crystal clear, totally smooth, and completely enjoyable.

For those who always take sugar in their tea or coffee, try it without using our Ceramic Filter.

We might just change your mind, and your lifestyle.
to the Pinnacle of Pour Over Evolution!

Our ceramic filter contains countless pores
measuring mere microns in diameter.

Our ceramic filter presents the user with the ideal pour over system.
The flow rate is adjustable, like paper or mesh screen, and is dependant on the amount of water poured into it.
Tailor-make your coffee strength by adjusting not only the amount of water poured, but by the grind type as well.
We recommend a medium to medium-course grind.

Our taste analysis illustrates the filter's
resulting removal of bitterness from a beverage.

Bitterness is largely removed and any roughness is smoothed out quite nicely.These refinements equal nothing short of enhanced enjoyment!

Our taste analysis was conducted by the Intelligent Sensor Technology Corporation, Taste Analysis TS-50002, Saga Industrial Technical Center

Our taste analysis was conducted by the Intelligent Sensor Technology Corporation,
Taste Analysis TS-50002, Saga Industrial Technical Center.

How to make your favorite coffee

  • Using warm water, ensure water flows at an acceptable rate through your filter. If not, please unclog your filter using our recommended methods.

  • Place your desired amount of medium to medium-course ground coffee in your filter. Adjust to taste.

  • Pour your kettle boiled water into the filter over your coffee, Several pours may be required. Flow rate may be determined by how much water is added to the filter at any one time. For a stronger coffee, add water in smaller, more frequent pours.

  • Although its not necessary, we do recommend the use of a pour over kettle.As with any other pour over system, slowly pour your water in a circular pattern ensuring good brewing,and several pours will likely be necessary.
To make tea using our filter, brew your tea as you normally would in your teapot,then pour the steeped tea through the filter into your mug and enjoy!!!

After-use Care

After each use, rinse your filter until the water runs clear. For periodic unclogging, see our instructions on boiling or burning

The Heating Method

Heavy clogs can be cleared by heating, either by gas range flame, BBQ, oven, or toaster oven.
Gas range flame should be set to medium, or medium to high in an oven type environment.
ovens should be set to 400F OR HIGHER.
After burning for 5 minutes, allow sufficient time to cool to allow safe handing. Rinse with warm tap water.

The Boiling Method

Place the filter right side up (as you would when making a coffee) in a pot of lightly boiling water.

  • WARNING : After boiling or heating the filter it will be extremely hot. Handle with care, and allow to completely cool. Once cool, rinse with warm tap water.
  • WARNING : Do not add water to a filter that has just been highly heated. Even the addition of hot water to a dry filter heated by flame or oven can cause breakage.
  • For best results, the longer the filter is boiled or heated the clearer the pores will be.
  • You can reduce care intervals by using a paper filter inside the ceramic,however taste quality will be affected by the paper.

This filter may be used for a variety of beverages, not just coffee.

Daily water use.
Filtering tap water results in a softer water flavour. Ideal for water destined for cooking rice, soups, or stews.
May also be used for wine or spirits.

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