LOCA Coffee Ceramic Filter

Your coffee could taste much better.
Our unique three-dimensional ceramic technology
removes any unpleasant tastes and draws out the essence of coffee,
which is its clear and smooth taste.
We will change your concept of coffee and lifestyle with coffee.

To the Pinnacle of Pour Over Evolution!

Form & Function

Our filter is seemingly a solid piece of artwork,
but this special ceramic system is composed of countless micro-pores through which coffee or other beverages are filtered.

The resulting taste and aroma of your coffee or beverage is unparalleled compared to other pour-over systems.

This makes the LOCA Ceramic FilterTM an ideal pour-over system.
With proper periodic maintenance, our filter will last a lifetime.

Bitterness is largely removed, and any roughness is smoothed out quite nicely.

Our taste analysis was conducted by the Intelligent Sensor Technology Corporation,
Taste Analysis TS-50002, Saga Industrial Technical Center.

How to make your favorite coffee

Using warm water, please ensure that warm water flows at an acceptable rate through your filter.
If not, please unclog your filter using our recommended methods.

Please place your desired amount of medium to medium course ground coffee beans in your filter.

Please steam the coffee beans with warm water for 30 seconds.

Please pour boiled water into the filter 5-6 times within 4 minutes with a kettle.

LOCA Ceramic Filter Lineup

Round Type

Small(L-1) / Stand-alone Type
・For 1 servings
・Outer Dia:4.3inch
Regular(L-2) / Stand-alone Type
・For 2-3 servings
・Outer Dia:5.2inch


Small size:Single cup

Amount of beans10〜15g
Extraction time4 minutes〜4 minutes and half
Saturation time30 seconds
Extraction amount200〜250ml
*Rough Standard

V type

Regular(L-3) / Stand-alone Type
・For 2-3 servings
・Outer Dia:4.8inch
・Put a filter directly on your cup
 or server for use.
・Coarse grind(as sesame)is
 highly recommended.  


Regular size:2-3 cups

Amount of beans25〜35g
Extraction time4 minutes〜4 minutes and half
Saturation time30 seconds
Extraction amount400〜450ml
*Rough Standard

After-use Care

  • After each use, gently rinse filter with water only. The use of soaps may bind to the pores spoiling future beverage flavor.
  • Gently rinse until the water coming from the bottom of the filter runs clear.

Periodic maintenance
(clogs dissolved by boiling + baking soda)

Since the holes of filter are fine, clogs form with repeated use.
If the flow rate is low even after pouring boiled water through filter several times, that means clogs are beginning to form.
Here's an important maintenance technique in order to unclog the filter.
Fill a microwave-safe bowl with enough water, put baking soda (2 spoons) in a boiling pot, and heat in the microwave(500W/5 minutes, 700W/3 minutes). Or, boil the filter for 10 minutes.

  • Please be sure that the top of filter is facing up.
  • Before use, please rinse well with warm water to clean off the baking soda.
  • Please be sure to use baking soda that is sold as safe for human consumption(i.e., sold for use as a food additive or as an antacid).
  • The filter will be extremely hot after boiling. Please be sure to let the filter cool before touching.
  • It will cause breakage if cooled too quickly.
  • In some cases, there may be no improvement if not boiled for an enough period.




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